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Home > City Departments > Assessment and Taxation Department > Board of Assessment Review BAR Challenges > Sales Information

Sales Information


Using a variety of techniques, sales verification is an ongoing process by the Department of Assessment and Taxation, through which we determine the circumstances and inventories of real property sales in the City and their usability for purposes of valuation. It is a normal activity of assessor’s offices throughout the State.
The sales reports presented here contain the sales in our records, as of the indicated date, which we have determined to be valid for purposes of valuation.  Invalid sales are not listed. Examples of some of the circumstances that invalidate sales are:
  • Multi-parcel sales, sales between relatives or former relatives, auctions, foreclosures, marital settlements, estate settlements, buyer or seller is a governmental agency or lending institution, and other unusual circumstances of duress or distress.
Abnormally high-priced sales are also eliminated.  These sales sometimes result from an untypical desirability for the property class.  An example would be, when a business buys a residential property for business expansion and therefore pays a premium price, in order to convince the seller to sell a property not otherwise on the market.  This is not the price a residential buyer would normally pay for this property.
Although efforts have been made to represent only valid sales in this report, there is a possibility of some erroneous listings due to insufficient or incorrect evidence in our records at the time the report was prepared.  This list, therefore, is constantly subject to revision. For this reason, It should not be assumed that any particular sales were or were not used in this year’s valuation work relative to any specific properties.  Public comment is welcomed.

Residential Sales Data

Commerical Sales Data

Note: In order to view and print these documents, your computer must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader utility installed; if this software is not installed on your system, you can download it for free from