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Citizens Services

Director of Citizen Services
Oswaldo Mestre

Description Of Services:

The Division of Citizen Services was created within the Executive Department to establish and maintain a centralized computer based system and procedures for receiving, processing and responding to inquiries, service requests, complaints and suggestions from citizens in a timely, accurate and professional manner.  This Division has developed a centralized response center for citizen complaints, requests for services, and making referrals to appropriate departments, agencies and other service providers. Since its inception, the Division has acquired several ancillary programs aimed at working with residents, block clubs and organizations to better service the community.

Division Objectives:

  1. Create, implement, and sustain a centralized call system capable of resolving non-emergency service requests with faster response times and higher rate of resolution than previous systems. (311 call center)

  2. Efficiency gains in grade and volume of service calls for quality-of-life issues within the division’s ancillary programs while reducing costs. (Clean & Seal, Impact Team)

  3. Continuing support of the rejuvenation of inner-city neighborhoods through restoration efforts, educational programming, and safety agendas. (Weed & Seed)

  4. Redoubling of efforts towards keeping area neighborhoods drug and crime free through the use of Clean Sweeps; sweeps also to contain greater interdepartmental involvement. (Save Our Streets)

  5. Creation and deployment of a Citizen’s Participation Academy to create greater rapport between city officials and residents.

  6. Creation and implementation of a centralized Block Club registry and a block club incubator in conjunction with the Buffalo Board of Block Clubs.

Awarded Citizen-Engaged Community 2010-2012

311 Call & Resolution Center was designated by the Public Technology Institute (PTI) as one of nine local governments from across the United States to be named a Citizen-Engaged Community because of the City’s effort to provide the public with multi-channel access to government services and information.

Awarded Citizen-Engaged Community 2012-2014

The City of Buffalo's 311 Call and Resolution Center received the 2012-2014 Citizen-Engaged Community Designation from the Public Technology Institute (PTI). This designation, given to only sixteen communities across the United States, recognizes the use of a variety of technology tools for citizen feedback to better serve the public. Technology tools include citizen participation processes, integrated communication channels and technology, and performance reporting.

Buffalo Green Cart Recycling Program


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311 Facebook & Twitter

The City of Buffalo’s 311 Citizen Services Department has joined the Facebook & Twitter communities!  Please visit us and become a fan.  Stay on top of the latest updates, events, and announcements for the City of Buffalo.

311 Call & Resolution Center

311 Buffalo - One call does it all
Take a peek inside 

Contact Us

Department Head:
Oswaldo Mestre, Jr.
Email Address:

Mayor's 311 Call and Resolution Center
Robert Kreutinger, Housing Violations & Complaint Manager
Phone Number: