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Home > Leadership > City Comptroller > Audits


Click on the icon below to see the Comptroller's 2015-2016 Annual Audit Plan:

Click here for the Comptroller's 2014-2015 Annual Audit Plan

Click here for the Comptroller's 2013-2014 Annual Audit Plan

Click here for the Comptroller's 2012-2013 Annual Audit Plan


Click the links below to see all city audits from 2003-2017:

Fiscal YearDate FiledCommon Council Communication
16-172/1/17Bureau of Fire Prevention Follow-up
16-1710/27/16Police Dept. Overtime
16-179/15/16Broadway Market Follow-up
15-164/18/16Fuel Consumption Follow-up
15-164/18/16Common Council Payroll Follow-up
15-162/12/16Fire Department Payroll Procedures
15-161/27/16Emergency Rehab Loan Program
15-1612/30/15Bureau of Fire Prevention
15-1611/5/15Animal Shelter
15-167/1/15Payroll Procedures of Timekeepers
14-156/10/15Erie Basin Marina 2014 Season
14-151/14/15Broadway Market Revenue
14-1512/10/14Peer Review Audit
14-1512/4/14Office of Licenses Internal Controls
14-1512/4/14Buffalo Public Schools Exempt Employees Payroll Procedures 
14-1511/6/14Division of Water Payroll Procedures
14-159/4/14CDBG funds (as of 7-31-14)
13-146/4/14CDBG funds (as of 5-31-14)
13-145/21/14Dep't of Community Services Payroll Procedures
13-145/21/14Follow Up to 2013 Common Council Discretionary Funds Audit
13-144/21/14CDBG funds (as of 3-31-14)
13-144/9/14Fuel Consumption
13-143/13/14Follow Up to 2012 Parking Department Audit
13-143/13/14Follow Up to 2012 Prescription Drug Plan Audit
13-142/12/14Erie Basin Marina (2013 season)
13-142/12/14Common Council Payroll Procedures
13-1410/7/13Gun Buy Back Audit
13-149/12/13Erie Basin Marina
12-136/12/13Petty Cash Audit
12-132/26/13Common Council Discretionary Funds
12-1312/20/12Prescription Drug Plan
12-1310/25/12Parking Department
12-1309/24/12Gun Buy Back
11-1204/10/12Inventory Audit of Laptops & Telecommunications Devices
11-1211/23/11Medical Invoice Fee Scheduling Audit
11-1210/2011InRem Auction 45 Audit
10-1105/26/11Gun Buy Back Program
10-1104/27/11Parks Division
10-1101/20/11In Rem 44 Auction
10-1112/27/10Division of Treasury and Collections
10-118/12/10Compensation & Benefits Audit Update
09-105/20/10Substance Abuse
09-102/11/10One Sunset - BERC
09-1012/30/09Division of Compensation & BenefitsResponse to Division of Compensation & Benefits Audit Report
09-1011/19/09Petty Cash Audit
09-1010/7/09Council Staff
09-109/23/09Gun Buy Back 2009
09-108/24/09BERC & One Sunset
08-096/30/09Operation of Erie Basin Marina ♦ Council Communication for Erie Basin Marina Audit
08-094/30/09Recycling Program Audit ReportCouncil Communication for Recycling Program
08-0911/5/08City Assets Upon Termination of Broadway Market Management
08-0911/3/08Bailey Amherst District Management Association (BADMA)
08-0910/2/08Gun Buy Back Program
08-0909/24/08Bailey Amherst District Management Association (BADMA)
08-0908/28/08Mayors Impact Team
06-0706/21/07Diversity Hiring Goals
06-0706/20/07Gun Buy Back Program
06-0704/25/07Div of Parking Enforcement
06-0701/18/07Div of City Clerk Audit
05-0604/05/06Bd of Ed Audit
05-0603/31/06Bd of Ed Audit
05-0603/14/06Bd of Ed Audit Follow Up
05-0603/01/06Bd of Ed (7/1/03 - 12/31/05)
05-0612/22/05Buffalo Sewer Authority
05-0610/28/05Parks Review - Final
05-0610/25/05Parks Review - Part 1
05-069/29/05Erie Basin Marina
05-067/6/05Animal Shelter
05-067/6/05Review of Buffalo Economic Development (BERC) Pension System
04-054/7/05Fuelmaster System for Fleet Gasoline & Diesel Usage
04-053/22/05Police Payroll Review
04-053/1/05License Division Dept. of License and Inspections
04-0510/21/04Performance Audit Report, Single Source and Sole Source Contracts Buffalo Sewer Authority
04-059/16/04Petty Cash Custodian Review, Audit of Petty Cash Funds 2004
04-059/16/04Performance Audit Report,Employee Retirement System (ERS) versus Police and Fire Retirement System (PFRS)
04-059/16/04Fire Department, Audit of Fire Department Demolitions
04-057/8/04Dept. of Public Works, Parks & Streets, Audit Report of Erie Basin Marina
03-046/17/04Audit Report of Buffalo City Comptroller on the Buffalo School District
03-044/6/04Water Board Review, Consideration of Water Rate Increases, The Causes and Historical Perspective
03-044/6/04Police Department,Police Payroll Review
03-043/25/04Buffalo Board of Parking,Audit Report of Buffalo Civic Auto Ramps Agreement and City of Buffalo Enterprise Parking Fund
03-042/17/04Buffalo Board of Education, Audit of State Aid and Grant Cash Management
03-0410/10/03Audit Review, Special Report of Audit Results
03-049/29/03Dept. of Administration and Finance, Audit Report of Division of Parking Enforcement
03-049/12/03Audit of Demolition Bond and Block Grant Requirements
02-036/18/03Dept. of Public Works, Parks & Streets, Audit Report of Erie Basin Marina
02-034/18/03Police Benevolent Association (PBA), Comptroller Report of the Tentative Contract with the City of Buffalo
02-034/10/03Dept. of Administration and Finance, Audit Report Division of Treasury
02-032/18/03Dept. of Public Works, Parks & Streets, User Fee System
02-037/21/02Annual Audit Plan