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Home > Leadership > City Comptroller > Press Releases > Schroeder prioritizes fiscal discipline

Schroeder prioritizes fiscal discipline, continuity in first week as City Comptroller

Forti-Sciarrino promoted to first Deputy Comptroller

January 6, 2012 - In his first week on the job, Buffalo City Comptroller Mark J.F. Schroeder has placed a high priority on protecting the city’s fiscal integrity, as well as maintaining continuity within his department during the transition.

“In order to maintain the fiscal health of the city, we must ensure that we protect the fund balance and keep the debt cap limit intact,” said Schroeder.  “Like any household budget, you can achieve this by keeping an eye on spending and restraining from relying too much on borrowing.”

“This will help us hold the line on taxes and improve our bond rating,” Schroeder added.

Schroeder said that he has done everything possible to provide for a seamless transition, even before taking office.  He asked Darby Fishkin to remain first deputy comptroller back in September, an offer that she declined in order to start her own firm.  That is when Schroeder tapped former City Accountant Anne Forti-Sciarrino for the first deputy comptroller position.  “Anne is a highly-qualified financial professional with a great deal of experience in this department.  She has worked her way up the ranks since taking an entry-level position in the 1970s, due to her tremendous knowledge, work ethic, and dedication to the citizens of Buffalo,” said Schroeder.

Schroeder has also retained the two other deputy comptrollers, Investment and Debt Management Officer Richard Calipari and City Auditor Darryl McPherson.  “Rick has been vigilant in managing the city’s debt and investments, and Darryl has conducted audits that have uncovered waste and saved taxpayer dollars.  The people of Buffalo are fortunate to have their expertise and skill in the comptroller’s office.”

Schroeder also said that he plans to implement the increased use of technology in order to help to move the department and the city’s financial infrastructure into the digital age.  "If there are advancements in technology that would make any process faster or more efficient, or make information more accessible to the public, we will take advantage of those tools.”