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Buffalo Ambassadors

Buffalo AmbassadorsWhat does it mean to be a Buffalo Ambassador?

Proud of the city you call home? Buffalo Ambassadors are – and they want to see Buffalo prosper and grow. These individuals are enthusiastic and articulate and are willing to take an active role in the revitalization of our area.

Subscribe to the monthly Buffalo Ambassador e-newsletter!

By subscribing to the monthly e-newsletter, the Tourism Insider, you can stay informed about travel and tourism and its impact on the Buffalo Niagara economy. The Tourism Insider helps Ambassadors stay up-to-date with local meetings, conventions, happenings and major “wins” for Erie County. Tourism is a big business for Western New York and each newsletter includes an updated calendar of events to keep Ambassadors informed. The staff at Visit Buffalo Niagara will share economic impact facts and behind-the-scenes information about the local travel and tourism industry, along with links to articles and stories about Buffalo from around the country.

Volunteer at an event!

When visitors come to Buffalo, many express how welcomed they feel, thanks to local residents who share their knowledge of the best places to eat, attractions to see and things to do. That is why Buffalo Ambassadors have the option to volunteer at events, where they meet and greet our guests and help to create a lasting impression of a city full of genuine warmth, hospitality and cultural diversity. For those who have a few hours to spare, Ambassadors can find opportunities for volunteering through the monthly newsletter.

Help us find new business!

Buffalo residents are involved with their community. Buffalonians have professional affiliations, or belong to religious organizations, sports leagues, alumni associations and hobby or affinity groups. As an ambassador, if you are in one of these groups, your role might be to use your connection or influence to help steer an event to our community, either by providing a local or national contact, or even by just writing a letter of support on our behalf.

Buffalo Ambassadors make a difference, which is why the Buffalo Ambassadors program is one of Visit Buffalo Niagara’s greatest public relations tools.

For more information, contact Cindy Kincaide, Director of the Buffalo Ambassador Program, at (716) 218-2943.

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