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Buffalo My City

Buffalo Our City Seal


An Exclusive Watercolor Collection
by Dr. V. Roger Lalli



Dr. V. Roger Lalli

"BUFFALO MY CITY" water color collection is a never ending series. The abundance of magnificent architectural art treasures is never ending. It is the intent of this collection to promulgate the great city of Buffalo and bring pleasure and awareness to everyone.

All subjects are selected in the 42 square miles of Buffalo and are based on the following criteria: aesthetic qualities, historical significance, architectural importance, nostalgia, popularity and still standing.

These extraordinary watercolor representations are by noted watercolorist and educator Dr. V. Roger Lalli. They premiered to a record attendance at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery and were highlighted at the 1993 World University Games.

Dr. V. Roger Lalli

For more information on it or for obtaining his Books and Reproductions available in 4x6"; 9x12" and Full Size Formats contact: E-mail - or



(A) refers to paintings within the city's 42 square mile radius. The numbers represent the chronological order in which the paintings were done. All buildings existing or non-existing and located outside of Buffalo's 42 square miles will be classified (B).