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Home > Our City > Other Information > Local Programs & Projects > Buffalo-Niagara Community Projects

Buffalo-Niagara Community Projects

Computers For Children

Established 1997, Computers for Children (CFC), Inc., is a grass-roots non-profit community youth organization dedicated to enhancing the learning opportunities for schoolchildren by increasing their access to Current computers and information technology. The mission- rebuilds used Computers to Pentium-level (capable of running Current software) in turn donating to needy schools throughout the Buffalo/Niagara Region.

70%-America's jobs require technical skills. New Learning standards recently imposed by NY State are
becoming more demanding of students' capabilities, expecting them to "access, process and transfer
information using appropriate technologies, "applying math, science, technology "in real world settings."

Unfortunately, Buffalo and surrounding region's schools fall four times below the national target, with a wide disparity between the advantaged and disadvantaged.

CFC received the "Greater Buffalo Civic Empowerment" award, the 2001 Buffalo/Niagara Emerging Technology Award, AmeriCorps* "Partner of the Year" Award, and the County Executive Pollution Award, as leading agency addressing the needs of the regional community.

Contact Information: Christine Carr 237 Main St. Suite 400 Buffalo, NY 14203 (P) 843-8880 (F) 843-8883 Email:

Materials Re-Use Project

The challenges addressed by the Materials Reuse Project (MRP) primarily focus on the disparity in educational resources available to urban children and touch on the environment. MRP was started 6 years ago by a parent frustrated by the lack of basic supplies available to students in city classrooms. MRP facilitates the direct donation of surplus supplies from businesses for classroom and community use. MRP has forged partnerships with 150 businesses, 45 non-profits, 94 schools, and 54,000 Students. Businesses throughout the region make donations due to consolidation, marketing changes, or overruns (including paper, office supplies, and equipment.) Last year, 750 tons of materials were distributed to the community and removed from the environmental waste stream. Nearly 99% of everything donated is new. MRP is in essence, a resource distribution system taking in items no longer needed and successfully matching these resources with children in need. The variety of items received is almost as remarkable as the abundance of items requested.

Contact Information: Patricia Jensen, 237 Main St. Suite 400, Buffalo, NY 14203 (P) 843-8880 (F) 843-8883

State of the Region

The project title is "State of the Region"-Performance Indicators for the Buffalo Niagara Region in the 21" century. In November 1999, following a year of consultation with over 200 diverse leaders and experts, the non-profit Institute for Local Governance and Regional Growth (housed at the University of Buffalo) released the first ever State of the Region report.

Tile 275-page report assessed performance trends on 98 measures, or indicators, across eleven (11) key areas of regional concern and proposed goals and action steps for improving regional performance. Each indicator also identified potential organizations that might take the lead in working toward performance improvements. Active community engagement was sought and viewed as the key to success in improving the indicators and validating- their civic value.

Contact Information: Kate Foster, Beck Hall S. Campus 3435 Main St. Buffalo, NY 14214 (P) 829-3 777 Email: